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Microbial Transport in Groundwater
Microbial contamination of groundwater could induce waterborne diseases such as hepatitis A, viral gastroenteritis, cholera, typhoid fever and giardiasis. Microbes being living organism, their transport in the groundwater is different than abiotic materials (Ginn et al., 2002). Physical processes such as advection, dispersion, straining, filtration, electrostatic and chemical
Solar Windows
Solar technology has been used to produce heat and electricity. Solar PV panels are installed on the roof of a building to produce household energy. Solar technology can be applied as a solar window for energy production and conservation. Heat and energy exchange occurs through windows of a house in different ways.
Health Effects of Cadmium Presence of cadmium in drinking water is hazardous to human health. Renal, cardiovascular, respiratory and skeletal effects have been found to be induced by cadmium exposure. Cadmium can induce renal tubular dysfunction leading to renal lesion and irreversible impairment of reabsorption capacity of renal tubules. Combine concentration of Photovoltaics
Photovoltaic technology has been used to harness solar power, a renewable energy resource. There has been 1000 fold increase in photovoltaic technology in the past 20 years. Demand from China, Japan and USA account for about 50% of the total worldwide PV energy market share in 2014 (Energy trend, 2015).
Adaptive Capacity
Policies and strategies to offset climate change consequences are formulated and implemented in the adaptation process. The process involves appraisal of climatic impacts, preparation for adaptation, application of appropriate actions and evaluation of the acts (UNFCC, 2011). A number of methods and approaches can be found for adaptation planning. Adaptive capacity approach,
Urban Sustainability
Urban sustainability has been debated in the past few years. More than 54 percent of world population are living in urban areas and economic activities are centred in the urban areas. Sustainability of urban areas of developing and developed nations has been linked to their environment and economy.