The Probe

Groundwater Microbes
Groundwater has been believed to be free of microbial contamination because of long vertical transport for microbes to reach aquifers (Krauss, 2011). However, leakage from sanitation systems, disposal systems, underground storage tanks and accidental waste water discharge are potential sources of pathogenic entry to groundwater (Krauss, 2011; Selvam et al., 2014).
Maglev Trains
Maglev, magnetic levitation, trains are high speed trains with electromagnetic technology. Magnetic power aids maglev trains to float above the ground (Neal, 2013). Maglev trains can move faster than the conventional fast trains. Maglevmovers (n.d.) explained four advantages of Maglev trains as low operating cost, energy efficiency, environmental-friendly and safety.
Type I and II Respiratory Failure Failure of the lung or gas exchange failure has been referred as Type I respiratory failure and Type II respiratory failure is the failure of the pump which includes the chest wall and respiratory muscles (Burt and Arrowsmith, 2009). Roussos and Koutsoukou (2003) categorized respiratory system into the lungs Asylum
Conflicts and violence across the world induced displacement, migration, refugee and asylum seekers. Refugeeweek (n.d.) estimated that 45.2 million forcibly displaced people worldwide in 2012 including 15.4 million refugees, 937000 asylum seekers and 28.8 million internally displaced persons (IDPs). According to Institute of Race Relations
Music Therapy
Music therapy aims to maintain and improve patient’s health using physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of the music (Newsmedical, 2014). Australian music therapy association (2012) defined music therapy as a “research based practice and profession” to improve patient’s health and wellbeing.
FA Cup
FA Cup, one of the oldest world football competitions, was started in 1871-72. Wanderers club was the first winner of the FA cup in 1872 and Jarvis Kenrick representing Clapham Rovers was the first ever goal scorer in FA Cup history (myfootballfacts, 2014). 43 different clubs won the FA cup